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happy person with hands on their heartMCH Chiropractic and Nutrition Reviews

What Our Stallings Practice Members Say

At MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition we love when practice members share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition is unlike any other chiropractic office I’ve ever been to. For the first time in my life, I’ve been educated about my individual spine and presented a customized plan to return my spine to proper health. I’ve had three adjustments so far and already feel improvements. I love that a scan is taken before and after each adjustment and how the doctors use that information to decide how to adjust that day. For over two years, I’ve had the same exact adjustment every other week-in and out in 5 minutes with no improvement. I finally feel like my issues will be resolved and true healing will take place through my care at MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition.

- Casey

I feel nothing short of blessed to have found this office! From the efficient flow of the space to the skill and confidence of all the doctors. I have felt nothing but safe, secure, and in the best hands possible. When I selected them based on their website, I hoped the experience would be half as good as what I saw represented. It was better! I have been to the chiropractor before but this was by far my best experience. They provide individualized care to each person. This team is truly amazing! I would 100% recommend it.

- Janel

The team at MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition are amazing!! I’ve been to several chiropractors over the years and they all do the same thing, X-rays, then each visit is a crack and pop and off you go. Not at MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition. They use advanced technology to scan your spine before they adjust you so they know exactly what to adjust, then they scan you again to make sure the adjustment worked. They are the only chiropractic office in Stallings that offers this technology. If you’re tired of the same old cracking and popping that does not work then go see the team at MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition! Since I’ve been going to them, I have definitely felt a difference and a lot less back and neck pain.

- Chris

I have dealt with chronic pain for so many years. I’ve been to so many doctors that have no answers for me and offer no help other than steroids. Finding MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition was one of the best things that ever happened to me. They listened to my concerns and my history. They explained in detail what they saw on the X-rays and put together an affordable plan for me. After just 3 months of seeing then I’m a new person. I can move and workout and perform my job without pain. The numbness and tingling in my hands are basically gone. I feel healthier and more balanced. They always listen and care for me every time I come in. I can’t recommend them enough. They really are miracle workers. I’m so grateful for their whole team!!!

- Shannon S.

When I came in for my first time, I was given a full x-ray of my back, neck and spine. The x-rays showed I was at a level two. I had a sciatic nerve issue. Since the treatments, my sciatic nerve has gone, no more pain. I went to my doctor for a check-up and she lowered my thyroid medication…If you are reading I would highly recommend you will be glad you chose MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition.

- Diane V.

I imagine that people wonder if they can truly help me. Well, I am here to say YES, they can. Their approach to individual care for each patient far reaches above any other treatments that I pursued with other doctors. All it requires is a decision to take the first step of wanting a better life for yourself. Their passion and compassion to helping you reach that goal cannot even compare to any other experience I’ve encountered. So, thank you MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition for helping me continue to experience life with less to no pain.

- Kristy P.

I doubted anyone could help this back of mine, so I sent my mom in first to see if there was progress in her. She came home relaxed and able to get around better so I gave in and gave it a shot. The results are amazing. I can turn my neck to the left now, feeling is being restored in my hands, I can bend to the right, whereas without this crew of kind and knowledgeable people, it wouldn’t be happening. The results are exciting. Thank you all for believing Miracles. Can. Happen.

- Crystal K.

We started seeing MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition for our son who was around 15 months old for chronic ear infections with tubes. We were told by multiple ENT’s that nothing could be done and “some kids just get ear infections”. This was super frustrating so we ended up finding MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition and have been seeing them ever since (27 months now). He has been free of any ear infections, and we couldn’t thank them enough!! They treat us like family, and we will be forever thankful.

- Joe C.

For quite a few years I had been battling with discomfort and pain on my hips, knees, and back. I finally decided I needed professional help. After some research, I found MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition to be the best fit for my needs. At my first consultation they proved to be so knowledgeable, and I was convinced they would be able to help me. During the consultation they did an X-Ray and one of the most prominent issues were how my neck was more forward than it should. They explained that the way my neck was position it was like having 60 lbs on my spine. Now that I’m at the middle of my adjustments that have improved by almost half! After every adjustment I feel a huge improvement in things like my posture, energy, and mobility. I highly recommend MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition for top-notch chiropractic care, earning them my highest praise and a well-deserved five-star rating!

- Angelique A.

The MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition team have gone above and beyond my expectations of chiropractic care. I have been to many chiropractors over the years. Each of those have been good and made me feel better, but only short term. After considering MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition method of chiropractic care and receiving treatment for only a few visits, my pain has lessened, and my attitude improved on aging. So, looking forward to continuing health and my thanks to these doctors and staff at MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition for the care and concern for me. Yes, Miracles Can Happen.

- Pam C.

I initially found MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition by searching for alternative methods to help my son with his ability to focus and hyperactivity. With the knowledge they provided I was sold to come on board as a member as well. With their adjustment plans and suggestions for healthier diet I have seen a difference with my son in school and attentiveness at home as well as better sleep patterns for myself and longer focus time frame at work. Thanks MCH Chiropractic and Nutrition!

- Cassaundra R.

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